Understand your total amount of lean muscle mass, fat mass, distribution of fat mass and hydration status. If optimising body composition is a goal then this test is of primary importance to you.

Gain an understanding in the number of kcals your body burns during rest. A key component to your total daily energy expenditure, it is crucial to know so that you are not under of over fuelling. Additional data is understanding how efficient a person is at burning fats and carbohydrates at rest.  

Identify for the point at which lactate begins to accumulate in the blood faster than it can be removed. Although not the cause of fatigue, it is potentially problematic to performance if the body is inefficient at clearing this build up in lactate.

The maximum amount of oxygen the body can utilise. Often termed the ‘gold standard’ measurement of aerobic capacity. The data also provides key ventilatory thresholds and HR intensity zones allowing you to train with more accuracy and precision.





This test measures the efficiency of an athletes ability to oxidise fat and carbohydrate over a range of exercise intensities. If you are an endurance athlete this test is crucial for you. During the test, the intensity begins at a low intensity and increases every 3-4 minutes depending on the training status of the athlete.  

If you are an athlete or an individual that wants a greater understanding of their health or performance then our performance tests are ideally suited to you.


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